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My coaching process encourages the development of authentic leadership, holistic health, joy, and creativity.


It starts with you and revolves around you.

Together we coCreate

I draw on a number of theories, practices, and proven methods to help you easily learn to live and work creatively along the way.


I’m committed to regularly check in with you, provide an anchor, and celebrate with you.

Take a deep dive into a co-creative process.

You can expect a journey that includes:

Insights into who you are and your potential

Designing action steps that lead to greater effectiveness and fulfillment

Developing creativity and the leadership skills to take action

Support, encouragement and validation

Discovering or answering your Calling

Painting a vision of what you can become or accomplish

Exploring possibilities and building on past success

Movement and stretching

Laughter and play

Energy work or reiki

Design your future, orchestrate your life, amplify your progress as you achieve your goals!

"Louise was truly a pleasure to work with, someone who is committed, generous, and soulful.
What I really appreciated was her deep investment in my personal growth, as well as how she helped me to more fully realize all the progress I've made up to this point in my life. Doing coaching sessions with her was definitely a great investment!"

-AP, London, Ontario, Canada

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