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Our 5-step process is designed to make your journey enjoyable and successful.

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Envision your goals

Identify what matters most
Recognize your priorities and response-abilities as you articulate areas of focus
Pinpoint your motivators to work with them and through them
Foster emotional resilience through the coherence that comes from having words for your own life
Express your passions / dreams as you develop creative problem-solving and allow you to find a greater sense of meaning as you navigate your life

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Deepen your insights and see new perspectives

Reflect on your own ways of slowing down and finding inner peace
Acquire and cultivate fruitful ways to contemplate and expand your vision
Identify the obvious and unclear as you stand back to view a bigger perspective
Formulate a plan to address key ways of increasing your resilience and confidence

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Expand your ability to work from the heart

Come to know your mind and how to bring clarity to it
Distinguish fear based and heart based choices
Establishing mind and heart coherence to connect with your innate abilities and desires
Uproot fear and diminish inner conflict as you practice leading from your core with authenticity

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Recognize your tribe

Acknowledge your network and their talents
Distinguish potential advocates and collaborators to sense how you can help each other grow
Plan how to address and initiate requests for support or reciprocate
Establish how you can to exchange ideas and share resources

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Live from a holistic place that sustains you

Discern and define body/mind/spirit knowledge and wisdom
Recover your creative spirit by accessing deeper levels of consciousness
Increase your joy and optimism with methods that combine body/mind/spirit wisdom
Cultivate ways to nourishing your body as a whole with effective methods and easy tension-reducing strategies

"There is nothing in a caterpillar that tells you it's going to be a butterfly.” - Buckminster Fuller

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